Count to Ten


Count to Ten, a song composed by Danish artist Tina Dico is performed as a live session by The Shellfish in two contrasting urban locations in Vienna, Austria. The juxtaposed scenery attempts to resemble the two opposing forces pulling in the directions of chaos and order, just as our minds and hearts do in their endless tug of war game, and which often results in one's disorientation and anguish. However, like with everything, time gives pass to resolution, and resolution gives pass to absolution.

The Shellfish are Daniela Feßl (vocals, guitar, violin) and Jasmin Engelhart (vocals, guitar, percussion).

Producción/Production: Eggplant Films & The Shellfish
Cámara/Camera: Daniel Marante.
Edición/Editing: Daniel Marante.
Color: Mauricio Cupello.

Música/ Music: The Shellfish - Count to Ten (Tina Dico)